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How To Look Irresistible On The First Date 

Not everyone is superficial and cares only about your looks, your intelligence and humor will contribute to your first impression, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look gorgeous and irresistible. So, if your first date is coming up soon, then you should take a look at these simple and easy tips for looking your best.

Give Good Eye 

Probably the most important part of being irresistible on your first date is how you look at your date. So, what is recommended is maintaining confident and flirty eye contact. But if you’re not 100% comfortable with that, you should practice and improve. Also, you should let your eyes naturally emit electric chemistry which will be inviting and very hard to resist. What is more, you can perfect cute smokey eye makeup in order to draw more attention to your eyes and boost your confidence because you know that your eyes look gorgeous.

Dress For Success 

Unfortunately, your date is probably going to judge you by your look and what you’re wearing. You want them to think well of you and you want to look nice, so it’s obvious that you should pick the perfect outfit for your first date. You should choose clothes that fit well and give you a good silhouette. Also, the clothes should be in good shape, so don’t wear anything too old, washed out or ripped. Additionally, stay away from anything too flashy or tacky because your date might not like that and such clothes might speak of you in a bad way.

Also, you should accessorize a bit. If you’re not big on jewelry, then a simple wristwatch that complements your outfit is the best option. You can add a nice pair of earrings to the combo and a nice handbag if you’re a girl. However, you can add some more details, such as a long necklace. Depending on your outfit, and how much attention you want to draw to your decolletage, you should learn how to pick the length of your long necklace. Shorter versions will draw attention more to your neck and neckline, while longer ones can draw the eyes a bit lower. Lastly, make sure to dress appropriately for the venue. If it’s a fancy restaurant, you should consider a casual but elegant dress, or something more elegant than an ordinary pair of jeans and a top.

Pay Attention To Your Hygiene 

This one is simple and obvious. It goes without saying that you should take a shower at least once a day, and make sure you do that before your date. Also, you should do your laundry once a week at least, and make sure to show up to your date in clean clothes. It’s a fact that you’re going to be more attractive to your date if you show signs of good hygiene, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to look like you have some kind of OCD. Simply, wear clean clothes, make sure to smell clean, clean your nails, brush your teeth and maybe pluck those eyebrows a bit, and you will be fine.

Wear Light Makeup  

Heavy makeup is a no-no on a first date. This will only give your date the impression that you are hiding something under that heavy makeup and that you are hiding under a façade. Instead, your makeup should be light and unpretentious. It should be highlighting your face and personality and it should be light and flattering. It’s also a good idea to pick lighter shades of eye shadow and lipstick, so you won’t look tacky.

Smell Nice 

Besides being clean and smelling clean, you can add a bit of a nice perfume to your outfit in order to smell sweet, too. However, don’t overdo it. Use a moderate fragrance that smells like fruit or flowers, but don’t use too much of it in order not to suffocate both yourself and your date. The same goes for guys, use a moderate fragrance that doesn’t smell too strong or offensive, otherwise, you will be less appealing.

Pay Attention To Your Body Language 

The last part of looking irresistible on your first date is your body language. You can have a smoking hot outfit, but if your body language is off, you might seem uninterested. This is how we communicate unconsciously and you should pay attention to what you’re saying with your body. You want to radiate positivity and warmth on your first day, so avoid frowning, folding your arms, slouching and fidgeting too much in your seat. All of these will tell your date that you are not comfortable in their presence and that you would like to be somewhere else. So, maintain eye contact, smile and simply think positively and your body will reflect that.

Leaving a good first impression on your first date is essential. So, make sure you look gorgeous and irresistible. Clean up yourself, wear nice flattering clothes and makeup, and pay attention to your body language, and you will definitely seduce your date.

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